Want to see your friends' recommendations on everything?


The most powerful piece of advice you can get is a recommendation from a friend.

We've all been there. You want to buy something or book a holiday, but before you do anything, you search for advice on the web. Ultimately, however, you hope to get tips from your friends - because their word is… well… Golden.

Now imagine if you could get those valuable recommendations from your friends automatically, in real time, from the web or your mobile phone. That's what Snoox is all about.

Now how about your word? Snoox is also the place for you to create displays of all the best things you have tried, loved, and want to recommend. From that great tune you've loved since you were a child to that fabulous hotel you stayed at last week or that movie that everyone's got to see. Your recommendations will be stored in our special algorithm, so the next time your friends search for advice; they'll get it from the best source ever – you!

At Snoox, you can create a visually stunning space with all the things you truly think your friends should try. And the next time you search for something, you'll get recommendations from your friends. Not reviews from strangers, but real advice from the people you love and trust the most.